About Us

 We pride ourselves in the curation and sourcing of authentic vintage, cool thrift items, and pop culture staples. All of our items are pre-owned,  pre-loved, and one of a kind.


Things To Consider When Shopping Vintage:



The condition of all garments we sell are stated in the listing of the product. What we sell and collect ranges from 10 - up to 50+ years old and is the real deal. It is in the nature of vintage garments to have small holes, tears, or imperfections due to their age and previous life. If you are looking for brand new and mint items and it isn't specified on the specific garment listing, we suggest reconsider purchasing. Refunds and returns are given on a case by case basis and arent given out for not reading product descriptions. These garments have a story to tell!

Sizing & Measurments

When it comes to Vintage tees, the tag doesnt always tell all. Because of decades of standards changes of style norms, the tag may not be true to modern size. To help with this we have included measurements of our garments to help buyers find their perfect fit. Follow the following steps to find your size, regardless of year or tag size:

1. Take your favorite fitting tshirt and lay it out flat

2. Measure from one armpit sleeve to the other for the width. (Ex. 27"W)

3. Measure from the very top / back of the neck or collar down to the bottom seam for the height.  (Ex. 29"L)

Note: While this might be your ideal, use best judgement on sizing. Most people have a range of a few inches both in height and width for a nice fitting garment.

Garment Care

Washing Instructions:

  • Turn Printed Tees inside out before placing in wash if you wish to protect the print
  • Place Garments into a mesh washing bag if fragile or if they need a delicate wash
  • Wash tees using cool water on applicate delicate wash settings
  • Let shirts fully air dry, avoid drying at very high temperatures

Maintenance & Wrinkles:

  • Avoid ironing garments directly
  • Instead use a steam cleaner or steam setting on iron with a good distance away from garment to flatten any creases or wrinkles


  • To maximize life span and print quality, store your garment in a dark and dry place free of pests
  • If storing for long periods, it is best to store your vintage tees folded. Traditional hangers may stretch older fabrics over time. If needing to hang, use gripped hangers to avoid any stretching or tears.